November-December 2012 Plumline

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July-August 2012 Plumline

President's Address

I hope your line is tight, your drag is screaming, and that the adrenaline is
circulating without inhibition. It's COW hunting time!

I would like to take this opportunity to deliver the “State of the Club”. In short,

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May-June 2012 Plumline


 Presidents Message

Hello friend,

I hope you are well. I am pleased to write that our striped friends have returned
to Plum Island! ;-)

As you start to plan your fishing trips for this season, be sure to include the Juniors Program fishing events:

1. Carp Fishing
2. Surf Fishing Plum Island
3. Surf Fishing Hampton

In addition, you are welcome to participate in some of this year's great fishing tournaments:

1. Plum Island Invitational ~ May 26 11:00 PM to May 27 9:00 AM
2. Tri-State Cape Cod Leg ~ June 1st - 3rd
3. Tri-State Maine Leg ~ September 7th - 9th
4. Tri-State Rhode Island Leg ~ October 27nd - 29th
5. Striper Cup (Plum Island Surfcasters Team) ~ May 1 to September 16

Fishing with our junior members and fishing in the tournaments will give you
two things: knowledge and fish.  I hope to see you on the water!

Tight Lines,
Julio Silva, President



For the full newsletter, download the attached PDF document.

March-April 2012 Plumline



Presidents Message

I hope this issue of the Plum Line finds you and your family in good health and spirits. We have some exciting things happening with our newsletter, junior's program, and tournaments.

January-February 2012 Plum Line

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