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October 18, 2016 Club Meeting

7 pm
3 Morgan Ave, Newbury, MA   01950


Captain Jack Houghton and  Dennis McDonald

of Daddy Mac Lures


Vertical Jigging for Striped Bass, it’s the Little Things

Vertical jigging for Striped Bass off of Cape Cod has been the thing to
do for the last few years. There are those that are able to out fish
others consistently. Learn some tips and techniques to even the playing
field. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.


Big Swimbaits for Big Bass (Boat and Shore)viper12incheelnaturalwithhooks

The Daddy Mac Lures Viper Series swimbaits are being fished all over the
world in both Fresh & Salt water, from boat and from shore. Learn how to
fish them from the creators of the baits.
Watch it swim!

CPR (Catch-Photo-Release) Fishing Tournaments

Our club’s year-long tournament has rather old-fashioned rules for the “Catch & Release” division.  The current form calls for having your fish witnessed by another person–rather a hindrance if  you are out fishing alone and catch a fish that might win you that prize!  We want to move towards “Catch, Photo, and Release.’  This strategy is used by the MSBA and other sport fishing clubs. At the September club meeting, there will be a presentation on how this works.  We want to start using this submission method for the “Die-Hard” tournament this fall and use it widely for next year’s “Year Long” tournament.

The process is:

1.  Catch a fish.
2.  Photograph your fish.

Take a photo of the fish alongside a measuring stick or measuring tape (pulled out nice and tight).  Do not drape a measuring tape over the curve of the fish from head to tail–it must be pulled tight along a flat surface underneath the fish.  Here are two acceptable photographs for submission.


Metal tape measures (as shown here) lie nice and flat.  They work better than paper or plastic tape measures, which can curl up.  If you use a tape measure that curls, pull it out straight and taught for your picture.

Unacceptable Photographs


The tape measure on top of the fish is unacceptable.  It curves and exaggerates the length of your fish.


The picture must show both ends of the tape measure alongside the fish.


Sometimes the fish just doesn’t cooperate and you have to take another picture.

Some of these photos come from the MSBA Facebook page, where the rules are explained for MSBA members.

3.  Release your fish!


Send it back into the breeding stock of our beloved striped bass. (Photo of Justin Innes from On the Water.)

4.  Submit your photos to the Tournaments Director

Submissions can be via email or with an online submission form (coming soon.)  At the September meeting you will hear how to do this in more detail.  Paper submissions will continue, but anyone with a smartphone (or tablet or computer) and an email account will be able to submit entries without the old paper affidavits.  All you need is the proper digital picture of your catch and internet access.

We hope this method will make it easier for you to submit entries.  Submissions done this way will speed things up and make it easier for us to keep track of entries and put up a running tally of entries and current leaders on the website.  A prime objective is to have an up-to-date leaderboard on the website so that you can check where you stand in the tournament.

Many of you may like this new system for submitting entries.  Anyone preferring to stick with the old paper slips can still do so.  Just catch your fish and submit your entries for the tournament.

We will discuss the new process at the September meeting and finalize rules then or shortly thereafter.