Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Scale Program

The Sportfish Angle Data Collection Team is the official name for the “scale program.” Kimberly Trull of Marine Fisheries visited Plum Island Surfcaters on Tuesday, May 17th.

Her presentation covered all the information you need on how to participate. Audio starts around the 1 minute mark on this video.

Interested anglers measure the length of a fish, collect several scales (even catch and release fish can be sampled), record the species of fish, and note the area where caught. Scales and information are sent to Marine Fisheries to use in determining the age of each fish. Watch the video for all the details and find out how long it takes those fish to reach legal “keeper” size.

Read the official description of this program from Marine Fisheries here.  More information can be obtained from Kimberly Trull at