July-August 2012 Plumline

President's Address

I hope your line is tight, your drag is screaming, and that the adrenaline is
circulating without inhibition. It's COW hunting time!

I would like to take this opportunity to deliver the “State of the Club”. In short,

1. Our SEO optimized website is being bombarded with clicks from local and

2. Capt. Charlie Crue is hunting our striped friends daily and keeping us in the
know by writing great fishing reports in the Members' area.

3. The Juniors Program has tripled in size. Some of our junior members are out
fishing our senior members!

4. Our guest speakers this year have delivered some seminars full of fishy
information making all the attendees better anglers. We have some more great
speakers presenting this September, October, and November. You will NOT
want to miss these club meetings. TRUST ME!!!!

5. We have two great speakers for our 2013 fishing show: Crazy Alberto Knie
and Elizabeth Schmitt (Ms. June 2012, REEL Women of Fishing calendar).

6. You can now order custom club polo shirt, sweater, or rain jacket.

All of these initiatives have been drive by the board of directors. For the second
half of the year, if we could have some initiatives driven by you, our members
that would be fabulous! You can join our board, form a committee to drive
something new and fishy, participate in a committee, or help coordinate an
event. Just drop me a line.

Tight lines,


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