May-June 2012 Plumline


 Presidents Message

Hello friend,

I hope you are well. I am pleased to write that our striped friends have returned
to Plum Island! ;-)

As you start to plan your fishing trips for this season, be sure to include the Juniors Program fishing events:

1. Carp Fishing
2. Surf Fishing Plum Island
3. Surf Fishing Hampton

In addition, you are welcome to participate in some of this year's great fishing tournaments:

1. Plum Island Invitational ~ May 26 11:00 PM to May 27 9:00 AM
2. Tri-State Cape Cod Leg ~ June 1st - 3rd
3. Tri-State Maine Leg ~ September 7th - 9th
4. Tri-State Rhode Island Leg ~ October 27nd - 29th
5. Striper Cup (Plum Island Surfcasters Team) ~ May 1 to September 16

Fishing with our junior members and fishing in the tournaments will give you
two things: knowledge and fish.  I hope to see you on the water!

Tight Lines,
Julio Silva, President



For the full newsletter, download the attached PDF document.

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