April 19, 2016 Club Meeting

Maguire PosterJoin Captain Scott Maguire of Summer Job Charters as he shares his 36 years of experience fishing the Merrimack River, 17 years as a full time charter captain. He will cover how & where to catch mackerel as well as how to fish with live mackerel.

“The river is a three dimensional chess game. Every 15-30 minutes, with the rise or fall of the tide, there is a better place to fish. It could be a new boulder upriver or simply moving 10′ over on a drift at the mouth of the river”, Captain Scott.

Come learn from one of Newburyport’s best captains and be sure to listen closely to pick up on some key tips to understanding the river’s mystery that has helped Captain Scott put his clients on up to 15-30 fish a day. “The result of the two past, challenging years is that they have made me a better fisherman. I love the entire process of catching striped bass! From prepping / rigging gear, to caching bait  and figuring out where they are today. There are fewer fish now than in 2003 or even 2013 but if you are willing to think, learn & change, a successful day can be had by anyone with a plan.”

Scott Maguire sent out the following to his email subscribers:

If I cannot fish I like to hang out with people who love to fish & talk fishing! I will be at the Plum Island Surfcasters meeting on April 19th. I will be giving a presentation on Fishing the Merrimack River with Live & Cut bait. I'll cover how I prep for the season, how I catch mackerel, places where to catch bait and finally some spots to introduce the mackerel to new friends, stripers :)) I'll also talk a little about chumming & chunking. If you want to come but are not a member, there is a small cover charge which would be waved if you join the club. I have been a member since 1986. I moved to the Newburyport area in 1980 and had never caught a striper! I credit the Plum Island Surfcasters with giving me enough knowledge to get started and then help fine tune my abilities as a fisherman.

If you have a child who wants to learn to fish there is an excellent kids fishing program run by club members. I'm sure that by bringing your child, you will learn a few tricks yourself!

Good fishing

Capt. Scott