Juniors’ Program

Plum Island Surfcasters would like to teach you and your children how to fish!

Our fishing season is in full gear!  We typically run trips including freshwater fishing in April, Carp fishing in May and saltwater trips in June, September and October.  Junior’s events are open to all club members.  We have many adult members who come to learn alongside the younger set.

A Testimonial

My name is Mike. This year I joined Plum Island Surfcasters and have been enjoying the meetings and the events. On June 3rd my 6 year old son Caleb and I attended the juniors surfcasting trip at Plum Island. We met Clay at Surfland and headed out to the beach. Clay and the other club members were quick to share tips and techniques and it was fun to share the beach with a group of anglers without worrying about being too close to your neighbor.

Each time someone landed a fish they would call the others together to share in the moment. The kids loved it. My son and I had a lot of fun and we each caught several stripers. It was great to watch him settle in and man his own rod and land his own fish. He was so focused and into the whole experience. We were actually the last two to leave the beach! Can’t wait for the next trip.

New Equipment! 

Most of our Junior members have their own fishing rods and reels, but we have always provided some used sets for anyone without the right equipment.  Now, to ensure that we always teach young anglers how to fish with the correct gear, the club has purchased both saltwater and freshwater Rod & Reel combos for the Juniors fishing trips.  Any Junior member can borrow this equipment for use during a club fishing trip.  If you would like us to teach your child how to fish, just join the club and bring your child to our events.  We can provide all the equipment necessary.

Alex used one of the new club rods at the freshwater trip in April.  This yellow perch is just one of many fish he caught that day.  No “new rod curse” here!

You must be a club member to attend these trips, which are announced via email to the club membership.  All underage children must be accompanied by an adult family member during the trips.  We are there to teach your child to fish, but we do not have enough people to watch your child at all times.  You must be present to ensure your child’s safety around the water.

Family membership costs $35.00 a year.  You can find more information at www.plumislandsurfcasters.org/membership.

Alex landed a 13 pound carp at the 2016 carp fishing trip!

The Junior’s Program is dedicated to teaching the youth with classroom activities throughout the winter months and hands-on fishing trips in the summer. The emphasis is on learning the basics of rod building, fly tying, plug making, knot tying, bait rigs, and reading the water. Our goal is creating well rounded fishermen and women for the future of our sport. Jr. Program meetings are held on a Saturday morning of the scheduled months. Membership in Plum Island Surfcasters is required to participate in this fun and informative program.

Detailed information on upcoming events is shared via email with all club members.  If you have a child who wants to learn to fish, consider joining the club to make the Junior’s Program available to you.

All members (even our adult members who would like guidance) are encouraged to attend any of the Jr. Program meetings, events, and activities to learn a few new techniques, new fishing spots, or just have fun.  Only registered club members and their family can attend our Junior’s Program Events.  We regret that we cannot accommodate others.


May 6, 2107:   8:00 am:  Carp Fishing the Merrimack River at Alliance Park in Amesbury, MA:   The Juniors were not stopped by a bit of light rain.  All three Juniors landed a carp in the 18 to 23 lb. range!

April 15, 2017:  8:00 am: Freshwater Fishing at Lake Gardner in Amesbury, MA:  This was a fun and great way to get the fishing season started. We fished for sunfish, yellow perch, pickerel and largemouth bass. Species of fish caught, included sunfish (pumpkinseed and blue gill), crappie, yellow perch, white perch, pickerel and largemouth bass.


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April 23, 2016:  8:00 am: Freshwater Fishing at Lake Gardner in Amesbury, MA:  This was a fun and great way to get the fishing season started. We fished for sunfish, yellow perch, pickerel and largemouth bass. Seven different species of fish were caught, including sunfish, crappie, yellow perch, white perch and largemouth bass.


May 14, 2016:  Carp fishing.  Alex landed a 13 lb carp at our trip this year.


June 25, 2016:  We met at 8 am and spent the morning casting plugs along the Plum Island beachfront.  All juniors received a couple of new plugs to start their collection.

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September 10, 2016:  We met at 6 pm and spent the evening fishing with clams and bloodworms along the Plum Island beachfront.  Numerous “schoolie” stripers were caught.

Junior fishing trips run from April through June, plus September and October. In July and August, Juniors are welcome to attend the club fishing trips which take place at regular meeting times–the third Tuesday evening of the month.   February generally features an ice fishing trip (weather permitting).

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