Beach Access: Final Report from Newburyport


The city of Newburyport has published a final report on their plans for combatting beach and dune erosion on the north end of Plum Island. You can read the full report here.

Here is brief summary of what is covered by the report:

Goals of the project are:
  • Reduce dune erosion and prevent neighborhood flooding
  • Provide access to the beach for residents and visitors while reducing human disturbance of the dune
  • Educate the residents and visitors on the importance of dunes and ways to reduce human disturbance.
Work Completed:
  • Some trails have been closed.
  • Other trails have been improved with Mobi-Mats, which provide a surface compliant with the Americans with Disability Act and allow easy access for wheeled coolers and fishing carts.
  • Sand fencing is being replaced with rope and post fencing.
  • Dune restoration projects have planted dune grass in large open sandy areas.
  • Improved signage has been installed
  • Trail maps have been printed and distributed
Future Recommendations
  • Install an elevated boardwalk
  • Work with Merrimack River Beach Alliance (MRBA) to continue dune improvements